Who May Get Married At St. Thomas More?

Those who desire to be married at St. Thomas More need to be registered and active parishioners for at least 6 months. If this cannot be established we will require a 6 month waiting period until activity can be determined.

How do I get married in the Church?

In the Diocese of Phoenix there is a nine month preparation period. Prior to setting your wedding date, call the parish office and speak with Virginia Meeker. The fee structure will be discussed with you and a non-refundable deposit will be required to set your date on the parish calendar. You may talk with him about any personal concerns or needs. You will also complete the FOCCUS instrument.

What requirements are necessary in order to get married?

You will meet with the Parish Counselor to review the FOCCUS results.

What documents will I need in order to get married?

No later than two months prior to your wedding date you will need to submit a newly issued baptismal certificate (new and with the church seal). You can obtain this at the church where you were baptized. You will also need to submit certificates of completion from the three programs you attended.

What are the costs involved?

There is a basic charge for use of the church and to cover administrative costs. This varies depending upon whether you are registered and active members of the parish. The fee includes the cost of the Parish Marriage Preparation Program and the services of the parish counselor and the wedding coordinator. The fees will be discussed with you at your initial meeting. It is also appropriate for the family to give a stipend directly to the presider and to the music/liturgy director. The Parish Secretary will send you a confirmation of your wedding date and also include the fee structure.

My friend/uncle/brother is a priest/deacon. Can he preside at my wedding rather than the pastor?

Yes, with permission of the pastor. He will need to provide a letter attesting to his good standing from his own diocese or religious order.

Can I bring in my own musician?

Yes, but you must still review the liturgy and music with our music director. In addition, a sound technician from St. Thomas More will be required to run the sound system.