How do I prepare for a funeral?

First Steps

Please call the parish office to notify us that someone has died and you are requesting a funeral. Our coordinator of funerals will call you back as soon as possible.

Who May Receive a Funeral at St. Thomas More?

  • Registered and active parishioners (whether in the boundaries or outside)
  • Any long time parishioner who has become inactive because of health or some other good reason
  • Immediate family of parishioners (parents and children)
  • Any Catholic living in our parish boundaries

What Kind of Services Are Available?

If the surviving family members are practicing Catholics a Funeral Mass or a Liturgy of the Word Service is available. If the surviving family members are not practicing Catholics only a Liturgy of the Word Service will be made available.

What Days of the Week are Funeral Services Available?

Funeral services are available Monday through Friday.

Are Saturdays Available for Funeral Services?